Dilmah Seven Star Tea

Lemon and Lime Tea Tartlets

Food : Appetisers

Lemon and Lime Tea Tartlets


• 5g Dilmah Lemon and Lime Tea
• 80ml Boiling Water
• 3 nos. Whole Eggs
• 1 teaspoon Finely Grated Lemon Zest
• 150g Sugar
• 75g Unsalted Butter
For Pastry
• 225g Butter
• 100g Icing Sugar
• 375g Flour
• 1 Egg - Lightly Beaten
• Pinch of Salt


  • Mix the butter and sugar together in a bowl until they are just combined.
  • In a medium bowl, sift together the flour and salt, then add them to the butter-and-sugar mixture. Then add lightly beaten Egg. Mix on low speed until the dough starts to come together. Dump onto a surface dusted with flour and shape into a flat disk.
  • Press the dough into mini tart moulds and chill until firm. Meanwhile, preheat the oven to 160°C. Then bake for 10 minutes or until lightly browned. Allow to cool to room temperature.
For the lemon curd
  • Pour the 80ml hot water to the Lemon & Lime Tea and brew for 15 minutes. Leave to cool.
  • In a bowl placed over a pan of simmering water whisk together sugar, tea and eggs until cooked. Once Curd has become nice and thick remove from heat. Then pass through a fine strainer and stir in butter. Cover with a plastic wrap to prevent a skin from forming and refrigerate until use.
  • Fill the tart shell with lemon curd and serve.

The range of Dilmah Tea used

  • Dilmah t-Series Designer Gourmet Teas

The variety of Dilmah Tea used in the recipe

  • t-Series Rose With French Vanilla