Dilmah Seven Star Tea

Dilmah Hot Tea Mocktail

Drink : Mocktails/Iced Tea

Dilmah Hot Tea Mocktail


  • 1.5g Ceylon tea with pomegranate & mint
  • 0.5g Dried Hawthorn
  • 10ml Vanilla sugar syrup
  • 0.3g Dried longgan
  • 0.5g Dried wolfberry
  • 120ml Single Boiled Aqua Fresh Water


Boil Aqua fresh water in the boiler till it reaches the boiling point.

Add the dried fruits into the tea.

Add boiling water.

Stir while water is being poured into the tea.

Allow tea to brew for at least 4 minutes.

Stir again after the brewing has been done.

Use a strainer to pour the tea in pre heated cups.

The range of Dilmah Tea used

  • Vivid Tea Selection by Dilmah

The variety of Dilmah Tea used in the recipe

  • Vivid Ceylon Tea with Pomegrante & Mint

Created by : Kenny Chen