Dilmah Seven Star Tea


Food : Main Courses


Ingredients• 100g Persian Feta CheeseWatermelon Compress

• ½ Watermelon, fresh, cut into cubes for compressing (4cm x 4cm)
• 100g Balsamic Vinegar
• 5g Salt
• 2g Pepper
• 375g Sugar
• 515ml Water
• 25ml Vodka
• 125g White Balsamic vinegar
• 3 bunches basil
Olive Paste
• 100g Olives
• 1 Bunch Basil
• ½ Bunch of Parsley
• 4 Stems of Mint
• 1 Garlic Clove
• 60ml Oil
Micro Greens
• 1pnt Micro Green Basil
• 1pnt Micro Purple Basil
• 1pnt Micro Red Kale
• 100g Kalamata Olives
• 4 bunch Basil
• 140ml Olive Oil
• 25g Tapioca Maltodextrin
• 1 Garlic cloves, crushed
• ½ Bunch of Parsley
• 4 Stems of Mint
Basil Pearls
• 60g Basil
• 140ml Water
• 1.8g Sodium Alginate
• 55g Sugar
• 500ml Water
• 2.5g Calcium Chloride

Oil Powder

• 80ml Oil
• 25g Maltodextrin
• Tapioca Powder
• Salt to taste


Watermelon Compress

  • Heat water and sugar over medium heat, stirring to dissolve all the sugar.
  • Once the mixture has come to a simmer, remove from heat, add flavours (basil, vodka, balsamic) and then cool.
  • Vacuum Seal Watermelon Cubes with the infusion syrup using a vacuum sealer machine. You want all of the liquid contracted into the watermelon when compressed in vacuum machine.
Olive Paste
  • Plate all ingredients into a robot coupe and blitz until smooth. Make sure you get quality olives so it’s not too salty and overpowering for the dish.
Micro Greens
  • Toss all ingredients together.
Basil Pearls
  • Blend water and calcium chloride together for 20 seconds and reserve in a bowl.
  • In a saucepan combine sugar and water, bring to boil, remove from heat and add basil.
  • Puree for 1 minute until bright green then add sodium alginate.
  • Strain this liquid and add to the caviar tray and dispense into calcium bath*. Remove from the caviar tray once they form and rinse in clean water.
*Take your time when making this – try not to rush! You will get good quality pearls.
Oil Powder
  • Whisk together the salt, olive oil, tapioca.
  • Maltodextrin until it becomes a powder, adding a bit more Maltodextrin if necessary.
  • Pass through a sieve to make it fluffier, if necessary.

Created by : Geoff Laws