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Tea Mixology is about tea in drinks, tea gastronomy is about tea in food, and tea inspired is about anything… but it must have an element of tea in it. It is where tea infused masterpieces are brought to life. Our exploration of ‘tea gastronomy’ began in 1999 with roast chicken marinated in Ceylon Tea. Over the years, it became apparent that the sensorial and functional justification for the combination of tea and food was more than just a coincidence. There is a tea for every moment, for every mood, and for every occasion. There is a tea for every fruit, vegetable and meat, a tea for every culinary style and a tea whose unique personality matches every person’s individual taste.

‘Whether it involves art, music, food, mixology, it’s tea inspired. That’s the idea. You have to break out of the boundary.’ – Dilhan. C. Fernando

As part of a dish, as an element in mixology or an ingredient as a part of savoury and sweet morsels and spirits, there can be no doubt of it. In the sensations that tea offers- its taste, mouthfeel, and in its natural goodness, there is a delicious harmony in the union of sea and food. Our School of tea sessions also include in-depth training in this aspect.

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