Dilmah Seven Star TeaDilmah Seven Star Tea

Mixologist and the Tea Maker


The Tea Mixologists and the Teamaker showcase of skill and creativity in producing exceptional cocktails, mocktails and traditional hot beverages using Ceylon’s finest tea. The program is designed to harness the skills of beverage professionals in the hospitality industry to celebrate quality, variety and innovation in tea. After water, tea is the most consumed beverage on earth and yet knowledge of tea, its preparation and variety, is severely limited amongst hospitality professionals and tea consumers alike. The Tea Mixologists and the Teamaker is designed to change that by recognizing skilled brewing of tea, iced tea, and innovation in tea based beverages. In bringing these aspects of tea into focus, the program is expected to foster greater interest in quality tea, and greater respect for this wonderful beverage. The aim of the Tea Mixologists and the Teamaker programme is to share with hospitality professionals and through them with people around the world, the experience of the finest quality Ceylon tea.