Dilmah Seven Star TeaDilmah Seven Star Tea

Learn about Tea Gastronomy with Dilmah Seven Star.

At the heart of gastronomy, there is tea. Dilmah was a pioneer in the area of tea gastronomy, having started an exploration of the harmonious marriage of flavour and texture in tea and food in the 1990s. Gastronomy could be considered as the richest medium in which one could understand the complexity in Tea. The best expression is to marry together these complexities and the expertise of the culinary artist in connection with Gastronomy.

Using the finest Ceylon Tea – Dilmah – in the preparation of various cuisines adds a new dimension of taste, texture and flavour to food. Tea inspired cuisine also offers the guest an unparalleled sensory experience where the enjoyment of tea, once a traditional cuppa, has now become a base for gourmet cuisine, and is thereby, a novelty.

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Dilmah Real High Tea

The Dilmah Real High Tea Challenge stirred up the world of tea. Tea is luxury. Tea is indulgence. Tea is without parallel. It was clear that there is no better way to express the diversity,

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Chefs and the Tea Maker

In celebration of the 21st anniversary of Dilmah in 2009, the family tea company launched an innovative programme that fulfils the objective of integrating tea, the 21st century beverage

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Gastronomy Recipes

Be inspired by our Dilmah tea inspired recipes that take tea beyond the cuppa and into the world gastronomy. Inspiring a whole new concept in gastronomy our recipes bring together the sublime goodness

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