Dilmah Seven Star Tea

Dilmah Seven Star Luxury Tea Experience

Welcome to the Dilmah Seven Star Website! Make yourself at home. The Dilmah Seven Star Luxury Tea service offers the discerning guest an unparalleled experience which not only encompasses a traditional cup of tea but a new world and level of luxurious indulgence through tea gastronomy and tea mixology.

Our Teas

The Dilmah Seven Star Luxury Tea experience offers a range of teas and POSM items suitable for any hospitality venue.

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Our Seven Star Tea Service designed to offer a uniquely indulgent tea experience to your guest.

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How to brew a perfect cup of tea

Tea was first celebrated as a medicine and that is more relevant today than it was when tea was first discovered 5,000 years ago. Yet the true appreciation of tea lies beyond its...

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Mixology Recipes

Dilmah tea brings new life to mixology as its sophistication, natural goodness, flavours and infusions create original and exceptional cocktails, mocktails and traditional hot beverages. It is a taste

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Gastronomy Recipes

Be inspired by our Dilmah tea inspired recipes that take tea beyond the cuppa and into the world gastronomy. Inspiring a whole new concept in gastronomy our recipes bring together the sublime goodness

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Family-owned Sri Lankan tea company 'Dilmah' hosted an international tea-tasting event on Saturday in collaboration with SIMDI Company Pvt Ltd.


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